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black masterbatch for plates

  • Food Grade Plastic Black Masterbatch

    Food Grade Plastic Black MasterbatchProduct Description Abs colorants Health /food -grade black masterbatch H2 is produced by our factory,Health/food grade black masterbatch use imported high quality carbon black,new polyethylene resin and imported dispersing aid to process . ,all raw materials have certificate report of SGS...Read More

  • Food Grade Carbon Black Masterbatches

    Food Grade Carbon Black MasterbatchesThis series product has the character of high density, good disperse,low cost in coloring, especially used in PP/PE PP PE ABS PET PS PVC EVA PA products' squeezes out, blow molding, blown film, also may use in ABS/HIPS products' coloration. packaging, toys, electrical appliances shell, daily plastic products, industrial containers, ultra-thin products (plastic bags, etc.), packaging bags, woven bags, textile fiber spinning, trash can (such as low-level container) staining of all plastic products.Read More

  • Customized Carbon Black Master batch Audited by RoHS

    Customized Carbon Black Master batch Audited by RoHSProduct Dsecription: Nuosen's blown film grade black masterbatch is designed to produce film, hose, pipe for the applications of high performance mulch film...Read More