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White Masterbatch Is A New Type Of Polymer Composite Coloring Material
- Oct 18, 2017 -

The white Masterbatch is a new kind of macromolecule compound coloring material made by the high proportion of colorant, carrier resin and various additives. Coloring agent is the basic component of Masterbatch, the content is generally between 20%-80%. White Masterbatch usually uses titanium dioxide, barium sulfate, zinc barium white, zinc sulfide, calcium carbonate as a colorant, black masterbatch using carbon black as a coloring agent, color masterbatch using azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, quinoline acridine pigment, iron oxide red, metal powder, White Masterbatch pearlescent powder and dye, etc. as coloring agent. The resin is the carrier of White Masterbatch, which has the properties of heat softening, cooling hardening and no chemical reaction. The resin is evenly distributed in the process of melting and shearing. In order to guarantee the carrier with the compatibility of the colored plastics, which is usually selected with colored plastic resin as carrier, which facilitates better dispersion of the colouring agent. White Masterbatch Dispersant belongs to the additive, which can cause the colorant to disperse evenly in the resin and no longer agglomerate. At present, the commonly used dispersant is polyethylene low molecular wax, hard fat acid salt, ethylene glycol and so on. According to the use of products and performance requirements, Masterbatch preparation process also need to add a variety of other additives, White Masterbatch such as antistatic agent, antioxidant, brightener, light stabilizer, foaming agent, antibacterial agent, matting agent, flame retardants and other varieties, to give special functions of plastic products.

White Masterbatch can be divided into ordinary masterbatch and functional masterbatch according to whether or not it comes with special functions. Ordinary masterbatch can meet the coloring of plastic products, functional masterbatch in the coloring of plastic products to give its specific functions, White Masterbatch such as the coloring of plastic products with anti-static, weathering, foaming, anti-bacterial, extinction, One or several functions and characteristics of flame retardant. According to the color can be divided into white masterbatch, black masterbatch, color masterbatch and so on. By use can be divided into injection masterbatch, blown film masterbatch, spinning Masterbatch and so on. According to the carrier can be divided into abs masterbatch, HIPS Masterbatch, PE masterbatch, PP masterbatch, PVC masterbatch, EVA Masterbatch, PA masterbatch and so on.

Considerations for White Masterbatch use

First, in order to reduce the color of the fiber chromatic aberration, to the white masterbatch to be diluted, control mixing ratio, filament not less than 3%~10%, short fiber not less than $number, White Masterbatch monochrome continuous filament with three-color equipment, white masterbatch must be mixed into the extruder, at the same time to increase the melt itself mixing ability, Mixing devices can also be added in the extruder segment.

Second, white Masterbatch mixed in the color of the formula to determine the colour, the white masterbatch before spinning evenly dispersed in the polypropylene section, is the key to ensure product quality, White Masterbatch the specific mixing method there are two types. The first is the heavy method and volume method, in the extruder or after the white masterbatch melting, with a small extruder into the polypropylene melt, the uniformity is very good.

Third, when choosing the white Masterbatch, to choose according to the range of selection, polypropylene Masterbatch has fine denier, coarse denier, coarse denier white masterbatch color can not be used for fine-denier color, color should be considered spinning fiber single denier, select the same level of white masterbatch.

Four, the choice of white Masterbatch is the same manufacturer of the best products, in order to reduce the cost should be selected high concentration of white masterbatch. White Masterbatch pigments have high, medium and low-grade points, color should be based on the quality requirements of the fiber, White Masterbatch the appropriate choice of different levels of white particles. To avoid the pigment light, different thermal stability caused by the quality of the product fiber variation, color should also be selected in line with the requirements of fiber quality, with the same light, thermal stability level of the white masterbatch color, crude fiber than fine fibers need less concentration, its white masterbatch application ratio is proportional to the square root of the number of fiber denier.