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White Masterbatch Hiding Power
- Jul 18, 2017 -

White masterbatch has a wealth of experience, with strong technical force and improve the production equipment and advanced detection equipment. High quality raw materials, highly dispersible anatase and rutile titanium dioxide, as well as high quality additives, dispersants, lubricants and other carriers. White Masterbatch For different polymer materials have a special carrier white masterbatch for the choice, to meet the customer color hue, weather resistance, light resistance and food grade and other special requirements. Green production of all products meet the requirements of the EU directive.

White masterbatch with bright color, bright and dazzling, high color strength, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, hiding power, reasonable price, White Masterbatch resistance to migration and good heat resistance and so on. To ensure product quality and yield, reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency. Is a new generation of economic white mother of the characteristics. Quality and stability, White Masterbatch complete specifications, price concessions, timely delivery. According to the needs of customers to sample a special color proofing, and provide samples.

The carrier of the white masterbatch can be colored with a variety of resins, and its carrier can be used: low molecular weight polyethylene wax, EVA, K resin, metal soap, and the above two or three carriers can be compounded, Content is as high as possible (even up to 60% -70%, dedicated masterbatch 20% -30%), White Masterbatch so the white masterbatch application as small as possible to avoid incompatibility with the coloring resin.

First, the main application of plastic raw materials

• PE • PP • ABS

• PS • EVA • PVC

• AS • PET • PBT

• PA • PC • Other

Second, the main application process

• Injection molding • Blowing • Drawing • Casting

• Extrusion • Blow Molding • Foaming • Other

Third, the main application areas

• Household appliances • Toys • Chemical fiber

• Household utensils • Automotive • Plastic bags

• Packaging materials • Wires and cables

• Building materials • Sports and leisure goods

Fourth, the product features:

Titanium dioxide content is high, good whiteness, good dispersion, White Masterbatch good temperature resistance, no effect on the performance of the material.

Instructions for use and precautions

First, use the ratio and method

The masterbatch and raw material resin according to the ratio of 1: 20 ~ 1: 100 (depending on the specific product and user requirements), through a simple mixing mix (without adding any additives), White Masterbatch the use of immediate requirements Color products.

Second, the main technical indicators:

• Appearance [granular, uniform grain, consistent color]

• Melting temperature (oC) [125 to 200]

• Dispersibility [colorless, stripe]

• Heat resistance (grade) [≥ 4]

• Resistance to migration (grade) [≥ 4]

• Lightfastness (grade) [5-8]

• Moisture content (%) [≤ 0.30]

• Total color difference [≤ 1.50]