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White Masterbatch For The Production Of Injection Molded Products
- Aug 10, 2017 -

White masterbatch with bright color, colorful, high intensity of coloring, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, hiding power, resistance to mobility and heat resistance and other characteristics, is widely used in injection molding, blow molding, drawing, casting, extrusion, blown film, foam, sheet, pipe, pumping, hollow, EVA, blowing bottles, sheet, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, White Masterbatch wire and cable, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure supplies, packaging bags, packaging bottles and other plastic products industry.

White Masterbatch is widely used in the production of injection molding products, blown film plastic bags, as well as production flow film and so on. Because white Masterbatch titanium dioxide content is high, so the plastic products produced by high brightness, White Masterbatch in the temperature resistance of its performance is also very good, the raw material itself has no impact on the physical properties.

Therefore, in many colors of masterbatch, white Masterbatch has become the production of plastic products in the conventional color, the dosage is very large. Therefore, White Masterbatch in the development process of the production of white Masterbatch technology also requires more and higher. In particular, the higher the content of titanium dioxide, may result in the production of products dispersed uneven or mixed-color phenomenon.

In the use of white masterbatch, as long as the white masterbatch and resin in proportion mixed evenly, can be used directly for the plastic products of the molding process. White Masterbatch A small amount of stirring only with the hand, in the case of large amount of processing, in order to ensure the dispersion of white masterbatch, it can be mechanically stirred. The white masterbatch and the resin plastic machinery can be sent to the injection molding machine with preformed plastic device, and the edge of plastic edge coloring.

White Masterbatch In addition to the basic fluorescent whitening agents, pigments, dyes and carriers, according to the use of products and performance requirements, usually also add lubricants, brightener, antioxidants, etc., for the special performance of the products can also be produced multi-function masterbatch.

The current plastic color is widely used "Masterbatch" (also known as masterbatch or color masterbatch), white Masterbatch is a fluorescent whitening agent or pigment in advance of the need to mix the resin plastic, White Masterbatch direct melt kneading molding and composed of fluorescent brightener or pigment concentration of appropriate high color products, can be directly used, has become a primary method of plastic coloring.

White Masterbatch skills are very demanding, and the usual white masterbatch skills are wet-law skills. White Masterbatch through the water phase grinding, phase, washing, drying, White Masterbatch granulation and so on, as long as this product quality talent to be ensured. Other pigments in the grinding and disposal of the same, should also carry out a series of white masterbatch skills testing, such as the determination of the fineness of sand grinding slurry, the determination of the dispersion function of sand grinding slurry, the determination of the solid content of sand grinding slurry and the determination of the fineness of the paste and other items.