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White Masterbatch Application Prospects
- Sep 01, 2017 -

White masterbatch with bright color, bright and dazzling, high color strength, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, hiding power, reasonable price, White Masterbatch resistance to migration and good heat resistance and so on.

White masterbatch, the components according to the mass percentage ratio: carrier 10% to 20%, titanium dioxide 30% to 60%, inorganic filler 10% to 40%, dispersant 5% to 10%, coupling agent 0.5% ~ 3%, 0.1% ~ 1% of antioxidant, 0 ~ 1% of other additives. The invention has the advantages that the general white masterbatch prepared by using the high molecular elastomer as the carrier is applied to the engineering plastic coloring, White Masterbatch and has high dispersion, impact resistance, good compatibility and common use in different engineering plastics (PC), POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, POM, Polyamide (PA), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polyphenylene oxide (PPO) and other five engineering plastics coloring, its application prospects.

Many people seem very familiar with the white masterbatch but so familiar, White Masterbatch almost all people have used, with bright color, bright eye-catching, high color strength, good dispersion, high concentration, good whiteness, hiding power Resistant, extruded, blown film, foam, sheet, pipe, pumping tablets, hollow, EVA, blowing, and so on. It is widely used in injection molding, Sheet, household appliances, toys, packaging materials, wires and cables, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure goods, bags, White Masterbatch bottles and other plastic products industry.

How to identify the quality of white masterbatch?

May wish to first understand the main technical indicators of white masterbatch:

1, resistance to migration (grade) [≥4]

2, moisture content (%) [≤ 0.30] 8, the total color difference [≤ 1.50]

3, melting temperature (oC) [125 ~ 200]

4, white masterbatch dispersibility: [colorless point, stripes]

5, light fastness (grade) [5-8]

6, white masterbatch appearance of granular, uniform particles, consistent color

7, heat resistance (grade) [≥4]

If the white masterbatch meet the above requirements, you can determine the quality of the white masterbatch is good.

White masterbatch when used to note First, White Masterbatch in order to reduce the color difference after color, the white masterbatch to be diluted to control the mixing ratio, filament not less than 3% to 10%, staple fiber is not less than 1% to 3% , Monochromatic expanded filament yarns are dyed with tri-color equipment. The white masterbatch must be fed into the extruder after mixing. At the same time, White Masterbatch in order to increase the mixing capacity of the melt itself, the mixing device can be added in the extruder section.

Second, the white masterbatch mixed with the color in the color formula to determine the white masterbatch before spinning evenly dispersed in the polypropylene section, is to ensure product quality key, the specific method of mixing there are two categories. White Masterbatch One is the heavy method and the volume method, in the extruder or the back of the white masterbatch melting, with a small extruder into the polypropylene melt, uniformity is very good.

Third, the choice of white masterbatch, according to the choice of choice, polypropylene masterbatch fine denier, coarse denier of the points, coarse denier white masterbatch color can not be used for fine denier color, color should be considered spinning Fiber single filament denier, select the same level of white masterbatch.

Fourth, the choice of white masterbatch is best to the same manufacturer's products, in order to reduce the cost should use high-density white masterbatch. White Masterbatch White masterbatch pigments are high, medium and low-grade points, color should be based on fiber quality requirements, the appropriate choice of different levels of white masterbatch. In order to avoid the pigment and thermal stability caused by different quality of the finished fiber variation, color should also be selected to meet the fiber quality requirements, with the same light, White Masterbatch heat stability level of white masterbatch color, coarse fiber than the concentration of fine fibers Low, the application ratio of white masterbatch is proportional to the square root of fiber denier.