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What Is The Processing Method Of Black Masterbatch, And What Is More Prominent Than Other Plastic Raw Materials?
- Sep 15, 2017 -

In the plastic products dyeing, black masterbatch only 0.6% -0.8%, it will be extremely black, and then more will not be more black. According to the test data show that the use of products in the Xinjiang region, such as the need to rely on black masterbatch anti-aging, as long as the use of high-quality black masterbatch (rather than back to do carrier, white oil wetting, calcium carbonate dispersion, etc.) , Carbon black products in the content of 2-2.5%, that is: every 100 kilograms of raw materials, 5-6 copies by weight of carbon black 40% of the masterbatch, the role of far more than any anti-aging products , Product life can reach more than 10 years. This is why drip products, water products, communications cable products are black. In addition, carbon black on the strength of the product increased, enhanced conductivity and other aspects have a special contribution. In the De Fu plastic website in the information section to understand there are three: single screw method, double screw method and close love law. Single-screw method, the use of mixing machine to mix the material, by a single screw extruder pull granulation, the general carbon black concentration of 18-20%, backward technology, the production site of poor environmental conditions, is eliminated technology, do not rule out Some small factories still use this method of processing. Twin screw method, the use of mixing machine will be mixed after the material, by the twin-screw extruder pull or water ring granulation, due to the twin-screw machine itself is limited mixing capacity, masterbatch general carbon black concentration of 25-32%. Mixing method, the use of mixing machine to mix the material, add the mixer after kneading, and then fed by the feeder twin screw extruder, the water ring or underwater pelletizing, masterbatch general carbon black concentration in the 40- 45%.