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The Production Process Of Black Masterbatch Is Simple
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Black Masterbatch production process is common in the following several.

(1) Production technology of double rotors continuous mixer

This process is to first carbon black, resin and other additives in accordance with the formula, and then add the components to the high-speed mixer at room temperature mixed 10min, Black Masterbatch it is added to the mixing of the double rotors continuous mixing, the mixing section temperature is 160° degree, the mixing good object is continuously discharged from the discharging door to the downstream single screw, and the die head is extruded into strips. Then hold the bar, cooling the sink, cut into particles, that is, Masterbatch. This process material passes through the shearing mixing force is big, the mixing produces the color masterbatch dispersion effect is better, but because the production equipment which is suitable for many, the process is big, the energy consumption is big, the cost is high.

(2) Dense refining process

This process is first to the carrier resin, additives and carbon black directly into the secret refining, good materials through the screw extrusion, granulation production of Black Masterbatch. Its production of black Masterbatch performance is relatively superior, with good dispersibility, generally used to produce high-grade plastic masterbatch and chemical fiber masterbatch. Its production of Masterbatch price is relatively high.

(Twin screw production process)

The process is the carrier resin, additive and carbon black by high-speed mixer premix, in the double screw extrusion granulation, production of Black Masterbatch. Black Masterbatch This process is simple, the same direction twin-screw extruder can also provide a very high shearing force, Black Masterbatch if again through a reasonable formula design and process adjustment, can also produce high-quality masterbatch.

The main role of black masterbatch is to color plastic products, the plastic products dyed black. In plastic products, the black Masterbatch has two major effects, making the pigment color more uniform and keeping the chemical stability of pigments.

First, black Masterbatch makes the distribution of pigments in the products even more evenly. The production of products to add a special color masterbatch, pigments can be refined to deal with, so as to improve the distribution of pigments in the uniformity of products. Special color Masterbatch and the good match between the products, after the heating and melting, the color of the particles can be evenly dispersed to all parts of the product.

Second, black Masterbatch can effectively maintain the chemical stability of pigments. Pigments in the storage and direct use of the process, will inevitably be exposed to air, in this case, the pigments appear water absorption, oxidation and other phenomena will inevitably occur. But if you do it as a masterbatch, Black Masterbatch there is a resin seat of its carrier, in use, storage will be good pigment with the air and will be isolated, thus ensuring the pigment in long-term storage quality unchanged.

What are the effects of black masterbatch in the application of plastic products?

Black Masterbatch and plastic products have good compatibility, so the black Masterbatch can be retained in the long-term products, play its due efficiency. However, if the black Masterbatch exceeds its compatibility range, the plastic product will have a negative impact. For example, mass use of fillers can cause a rise in the viscosity of the system, the mechanical properties of the material decreased when the amount of flame retardants increased, Black Masterbatch and the mechanical properties of the materials were reduced. The addition of liquid additives will cause the material to decrease the heat-resistance.

The use of black masterbatch in plastic products should also be noted that some auxiliaries have dual or multiple effects, such as carbon black is not only a colorant, but also a combination of light shielding and anti-oxidation; plasticizers not only soften the products, but also reduce the temperature, increase melt fluidity, some also have the role of combustion, some metal soap stabilizer itself is a lubricant and so on. Black Masterbatch For these additives, in the formulation should be integrated consideration, the deployment of dosage or simplified formulations.