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The Halogenated Flame Retardants Of The Flame Retardant Mother Grain Must Be Replaced No Matter How Good.
- Nov 17, 2018 -

As an important species of organic flame retardants, halogenated flame retardants are the earliest ones used. Due to its low price, good stability, small amount of addition, good compatibility with synthetic resin materials, and can maintain the original physical and chemical properties of flame retardant products, it is the world's largest production and use of organic flame retardants.
The halogenated flame retardant plays an important role in the flame retardant field because of its small addition and remarkable flame retardant effect. For all kinds of PP products(such as molded products, film, fiber, foam, cable coating, etc.).
Flame retardant mother particles
In this system, human antimony oxide is usually added as a flame retardant, and the flame retardant efficiency of halogenated flame retardants is improved while its dosage is reduced. Generally, at least one person per 3 bromine flame retardants is added. Antimony trioxide. The flame retardant material first releases HX halogenated HX and SbO. After SbO absorbs a large amount of heat, the resulting Sb3 can stop the free radical reaction during PP combustion at flame temperature, and the vapor density of SbO and Sb3 is large. Can sink and attach to the surface of the material to isolate oxygen, slowing the burning speed.
Halogen flame retardants have excellent flame retardancy, processing and compatibility, good weather resistance, chemical stability and electrical properties to nylon systems, high thermal stability, but lack of anti-violet external light stability and surface spray Frost, while flame retardant to polymers, Give off toxic smoke, gas. Because of the harm to the environment and human health, flame retardants have begun to develop in the direction of halogen-free, halogen-free flame retardant mother particles should be born.