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Technical Process Of Color Masterbatch
- Oct 09, 2017 -

The color Masterbatch has the advantages of dispersing pigment, increasing pigment tinting strength and glossiness, enhancing and toughening the products, and improving the process stability and physical properties of the products remarkably. Masterbatch uniform, bright color, strong tinting strength, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance.

Color Masterbatch coloring of the obvious advantages of easy to use, no pollution to the molding environment. Color uniformity, stability, Color Masterbatch improve the quality of plastic parts. Easy to measure, can apply a high degree of automation molding production system. Can be colored, anti-aging agent, Color Masterbatch antistatic agent in one side, made of multi-functional masterbatch, easy to use.

Technical process of color Masterbatch

The commonly used color Masterbatch technology is wet process. Color Masterbatch through the water phase grinding, phase, washing, drying, granulation, only this product quality can be guaranteed. In addition, pigments in the grinding process, but also to carry out a series of color Masterbatch technology, such as the determination of fineness of sand grinding slurry, the determination of the diffusion performance of sand grinding slurry, Color Masterbatch the determination of the solid content of sand grinding slurry and the determination of the fineness of color slurry and other items. Color Masterbatch is generally composed of three parts, colorant carrier dispersant, through high-speed mixer after mixing, crushing, extruding and drawing granulation, color masterbatch in the process of plastic processing, with high concentration, good dispersion, cleaning and other notable advantages.

In the production of color Masterbatch to consider the whitening agent and resin and other additives have no reaction, the solubility of the good or bad, there is no migration, heat resistance, how dispersibility, etc., the German import formula production of rqt-b-3 fluorescent brightener, Color Masterbatch used in color masterbatch, than the market on the traditional OB-1 of the weather.

Because there are many nitrogen atoms in the OB-1 formula, oxygen in the air in combination with easy oxidation, resulting in late products yellowing, discoloration, and is a lot of customers reflect OB-1 made out of the appearance of the particles look white, but there is still the phenomenon of yellowing inside, and rqt-b-3 used in granulation will not oxidize, And be able to maintain the original color, a small amount of this whitening agent, Color Masterbatch whiteness and brightness can be increased by one-fold, but also good dispersion to plastic, so the production effect is better. And the addition of this whitening agent small, almost no increase in production costs, the comprehensive improvement of color masterbatch.

Color Masterbatch is widely used in industry, can be applied to plastic pipe profiles, buckle board, woven bag, blown film, foaming, etc., but the role of plastic additives, particle additives have been able to meet the requirements of the workshop, according to the actual process requirements, Color Masterbatch powder plastic additives also in the production of plastic occupies a place, Whitening agent in the plastic additives can better let the plastic molecule arrangement, to achieve whitening brightening effect, to make up for the particle specific process defects.