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Production Technology Of Non-woven Black Master
- Feb 23, 2017 -

A. washing method: is paint by sanding, water and dispersant, the pigment particles less than 1 µ m, and by phase transfer method, the pigment into the oil phase, and then drying, masterbatch, phase inversion is required with an organic solvent, and the solvent recovery unit.

B. ink method: as its name suggests, is in color mother grain production in the used ink color pulp of production method, that through three roll grinding, in pigment surface package covered a layer low molecular cover, grinding Hou of fine color pulp again and carrier resin mixed, then through II roll plastic refining machine (also called double roll open refining machine) for plastic of, last through single screw rod or double screw Rod extrusion machine for made grain.

C. metal SOAP method: is pigment after grinding Hou grain degrees reached 1 μ m around, and in must temperature Xia joined SOAP liquid, makes each pigment particles surface layer uniform to was SOAP liquid by wetting, formed a layer SOAP of liquid, dang metal salt solution joined Hou and in pigment surface of SOAP of layer chemical reactions and generated a layer metal SOAP of cover (stearic acid magnesium), such on makes by mill fine Hou of pigment particles not caused flocculation gel phenomenon, and protection must of fine degrees.

D. kneading method: is a pigment and oil carrier after mixing, use paint oil-this feature through the kneading of the pigment from water flushing into the oil phase, while oily vector paint coating, the pigment dispersion, prevent pigment together.