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PPR Pipe Black Masterbatch Scattered Bad Reason
- Sep 25, 2017 -

1, masterbatch storage after a period of time will absorb moisture, especially PET, ABS, PA, PC, etc., so according to the same color of the same process to dry and meet the water content requirements.

2, with masterbatch color to achieve the required color must be very careful, often occurs color and shade changes.

3, masterbatch and other additives will respond, the use of attention.

4, the general masterbatch dilution ratio of 1: (20-100). The use of high dilution ratio, the production cost is low, but by the processing equipment restrictions, the general piston-type machine for the 1:10, screw-type injection molding machine is 1:20. The dilution ratio is related to L / D during the extrusion process. The higher L / D ratio is higher than that of L / D. When L / D = 16: 1, the dilution ratio is not more than 1:20, Of the screw, even up to 1: 100.