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Pigments For Color Masterbatch Request
- Feb 23, 2017 -

1) color cannot respond and various resins and additives, solvent resistance, small mobility, good heat resistance, that is, color masterbatch cannot participate in a variety of chemical reactions.

2) pigment dispersion, tinting should be good pigment dispersion when not in uniform, will affect the appearance of the product performance color tinting strength difference will make color amount increases, higher material costs, in the same color in a various resin dispersion and coloring are different, so choose colors should be aware of this.

3) be aware of the other properties of the color, such as for use in the food, children's toys, plastic products, requirements should be nontoxic pigments; plastic products for the electrical sector, should choose a good electric insulation materials; used for outdoor plastics and good weathering resistance of color should be chosen.