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Masterbatch Varieties
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Filling Masterbatch The main components: (1) filler: such as calcium carbonate. Talc powder;

(2) coupling agent: such as carbonate silane, etc .; filled masterbatch main components: (3) dispersant: such as polyethylene wax and hard ester; (4) carrier resin;

Moisturizing and defoaming masterbatch: (1) Moisturizing and defoaming masterbatch is made of metal oxide; (2) resin; (3) additive composition;

Flame retardant masterbatch: (1) flame retardant; (2) resin; (3) additive composition;

Conductive masterbatch: long copper fiber and resin, coated, diced to complete;

Foam masterbatch: (1) compound blowing agent; (2) lubricant; (3) dispersant; (4) colorant composition;

Anti-ultraviolet masterbatch: (1) two kinds of composite anti-ultraviolet agent; (2) carrier; (3) dispersant; (4) made of additives;

Weathering masterbatch: (1) light stabilizer; (2) resin; (3) additives.

Masterbatch: (1) Pigments: organic pigments such as phthalocyanine green and the like; inorganic pigments such as iron oxide red, titanium white and the like; dyes such as reduced peach, scattered orange and the like. (2) a dispersant; (3) a carrier resin: