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Instructions for using Masterbatch
- Nov 16, 2018 -

Simply mix with the resin pellets according to the specified ratio by hand.

Attentions to following issues during the operation of the device:

1.1. The mixing chamber of the injection molding machine or extruder generally has multiple temperature zones, and the temperature near the blanking port should be slightly higher. This is to make the color master melt quickly after entering the mixing chamber, as soon as possible with the plastic resin. Mixing evenly, which is beneficial to the color masterbatch in a well dispersed state in the product.

1.2. Appropriate application of back pressure to the injection molding machine can improve the mixing effect of the screw and facilitate the dispersion of the pigment. The side effect of applying the back pressure is to slow down the injection speed.

1.3. Increasing the temperature of the die of the extruder can increase the brightness of the product.

2. How to determine the proportion of color masterbatch used?

The basis for determining the color mastering ratio is to obtain a satisfactory coloring effect. As long as the surface of the product is uniform in color and there are no streaks and spots, it can be recognized. The proportion of color masterbatch can be selected as follows:

1:100 Unless the mixing of the equipment is very good, it is prone to uneven pigment dispersion. It is generally not recommended for customers to use this ratio.

However, some customers are particularly eager to use this proportion of color masterbatch due to price pressure. For the sake of customers, they also produce such a low proportion of concentrated color masterbatch, and the dispersibility of the pigment can generally meet the requirements.

1:50 is used for coloring general plastic products, PE and PP color masterbatch are used more.

1:33--1:25 for PO products with higher coloring requirements, lower coloring requirements or general ABS products

1:20 is used in advanced plastic products, including PO and ABS, which can be widely used in injection molding, blow molding, spinning and other processes.

1:20 or more Generally used for coloring high-grade cosmetic containers, more used in small injection molding machines

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