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Injection Grade Black Masterbatch Has Excellent Dispersion
- May 18, 2017 -

Injection grade black masterbatch has excellent dispersion, very low amount of added, convenient color replacement. Engineers have more than 20 years of experience in color matching, Chenmei raw materials, global procurement, customers can choose the most suitable products, provide the proposed formula to solve the technical aspects of production to meet customer needs.

The use of foreign imports of raw materials, Injection Grade Black Masterbatch refined by a special process. This product is pure pollution, good temperature resistance, no impact on the performance of the material, good dispersion, high concentration, non-toxic and tasteless, adding a small proportion, easy to use and so on. This product has passed the third party testing agency environmental testing, in line with European and American countries laws and regulations

Injection grade black masterbatch characteristics:

After mixing with the carrier and additives, the granulation is made by the extruder, the coloring is stable, the dispersity is excellent, Injection Grade Black Masterbatch the environment is clean, the light is bright, the sticking is easy and the production process is simple.

Carbon black content: 45%

Temperature: 280 ℃

Appearance: 3mm * 1.5mm

Finish: high light

Product Application: PC ABS HIPS PC / ABS PP

Applicable scope: ABS, PP, PC, 475, POM, PS and other hot hard resin injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, engineering materials modified granulation, pumping tablets, sheet, sheet, etc.

Product Features: 6070 black mother is the company selected in the pigment carbon black, special composite resin as the carrier, made by high-density. High concentration of carbon black adaptability, excellent dispersion, was blue, suitable for most of the resin, Injection Grade Black Masterbatch carbon black content of 45% are environmentally friendly special black type.

The advantages of using masterbatch

1, to maintain the chemical stability of pigments and other additives.

2, color reproducibility is good, uniform pigment dispersion.

3, to reduce the heat of plastic degradation.

4, easy to operate, clean the environment.

Note: Due to the use of different equipment factory, Injection Grade Black Masterbatch the level of operation or the level of raw material formula changes, the resulting effect will be different.