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Color Masterbatch Sold At Home And Abroad
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Color masterbatch has to enhance the pigment dispersion, increase the pigment color strength and gloss, and make products enhance, toughening, Color Masterbatch and can significantly improve the process of product stability and physical properties. Color Masterbatch uniform, bright color, strong coloring, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance. Stable quality, popular at home and abroad.

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Use ratio and method

The masterbatch and raw material resin according to the ratio of 1: 20 ~ 1: 100 (depending on the specific product and user requirements), through a simple mixing mix (without adding any additives), the use of immediate requirements Color products.

We all know that the plastic performance is the technology of injection molding technology, master the performance and characteristics of various plastics, Color Masterbatch plastic injection workers must understand the basic knowledge of the plastic injection molding process for polypropylene, the need to use color in the color mother grain.

Polypropylene because of its anti-breaking performance, also known as "hundred percent glue." Polypropylene is a translucent (can use color masterbatch dyeing), semi-crystalline thermoplastic, with high strength, good insulation, low water absorption, high heat distortion temperature, low density, Color Masterbatch high crystallinity. Filling materials are usually glass fiber, mineral filler, thermoplastic rubber, etc., because of its own characteristics can use color masterbatch.

Polypropylene is a translucent ivory white that can be dyed in various colors. Its dyeing in the general injection molding machine can only use color masterbatch. On some machines there is an independent plasticizing element that enhances the mixing effect, and can also be dyed with toner. Outdoor use of the product, the general use of UV stabilizer and carbon black filled. The proportion of the use of recycled materials should not exceed 15%, otherwise it will cause the intensity of decline and decomposition discoloration. PP injection molding before the general need for special drying.

Through the above understanding of polypropylene, the reason why can only use color masterbatch because it is not easy to decompose discoloration.