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Color Masterbatch Is Very Convenient To Use
- Sep 04, 2017 -

Color masterbatch has to enhance the pigment dispersion, increase the pigment color strength and gloss, and make products enhance, toughening, and can significantly improve the process of product stability and physical properties. Color Masterbatch uniform, bright color, strong coloring, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance. Stable quality, popular at home and abroad。

Widely used injection molding, blow molding, drawing, casting, plastic toys, plastic electronics, automotive plastic parts, sheet metal, home appliances shell, chemical fiber, wire, cable, foam, household appliances, chemical fiber, Packaging materials, wires and cables, building materials, household appliances, Color Masterbatch sports and leisure products. AS, ABS, PE, LDPE, HDPE & amp; LLDPE, PP, PS, PET, PBT, PA, PC, EVA, PVC.

Color masterbatch pigment content is high, bright colors, Color Masterbatch the use of an excellent melt mixing dispersion and stability, and the product has the highest mechanical strength retention rate.

Now the plastic products are used color masterbatch coloring, Color Masterbatch previously used are stains, then compared to the coloring agent is what good? Shandong Jun full color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. said Road.

1. Color masterbatch is very convenient to use, not too complicated process, and easy to save.

2. Its own has a very good stability, to achieve uniform coloring, but also to improve the quality of plastic products.

3. Color masterbatch safe and healthy, Color Masterbatch the human body and the environment have no effect, but also can be made of functional masterbatch use.

This is the color masterbatch of the special, Color Masterbatch but also its advantages, so it will replace the dye.