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Color Masterbatch Has The Characteristics Of Strong Heat Resistance
- Sep 22, 2017 -

In our daily life, the lack of plastic products can not be used in the TV shell, toy car on the plastic shell, the cable shell in the processing of raw materials are selected in the color masterbatch, the emergence of color masterbatch increased Pigment strength and color, in the production of product stability and physical properties of a significant increase.

Color masterbatch coloring the obvious advantages Easy to use, Color Masterbatch the molding environment without pollution. Color uniformity, stability, improve the quality of plastic parts. Easy to measure, can be applied to a high degree of automation molding production system. Can be coloring, anti-aging agent, Color Masterbatch antistatic agent set in one side, made of multi-functional masterbatch, easy to use.

Color masterbatch to be evenly increase the color of the pigment has been loved by the manufacturers. Color masterbatch in the technical indicators have four series, are white, Color Masterbatch which contains milky white, white, blue and white, white, white, white; red series, which contains red, red, bright red three; blue Series, from shallow to deep contains sky blue, sapphire blue, dark blue, purple blue, Beijing blue; green color, Color Masterbatch the most simple contains green and dark green, and so on.

Color masterbatch with strong hiding power, strong dispersion, heat resistance, bright color characteristics, the particles uniform, strong, uniform color, stable performance, heat resistance. Color Masterbatch In the production process is simple and quick, saving production cycle and raw materials. Add color to our lives.

Color masterbatch has to enhance the pigment dispersion, increase the pigment color strength and gloss, and make products enhance, toughening, Color Masterbatch and can significantly improve the process of product stability and physical properties. Color Masterbatch uniform, bright color, strong coloring, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance. Stable quality, popular at home and abroad.

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Color masterbatch pigment content is high, Color Masterbatch bright colors, the use of an excellent melt mixing dispersion and stability, and the product has the highest mechanical strength retention