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Color Masterbatch Has The Characteristics Of Bright Color
- Sep 12, 2017 -

The color masterbatch is characterized in that it is composed of the following components by weight: Asa 10-30, dispersant 15-20, colorant 30-50, ethylene-octane copolymer or sebs025-10, four propionic acid pentaerythritol 0.1-0.3 titanate coupling agent 0.1-0.3. It has the advantages of stable color, uniform coloring, convenient color changing, convenient storage and transportation, Color Masterbatch and does not affect the mechanical properties of materials and environmental protection.

The color Masterbatch has the advantages of dispersing pigment, increasing pigment tinting strength and glossiness, enhancing and toughening the products, Color Masterbatch and improving the process stability and physical properties of the products remarkably. Masterbatch uniform, bright color, strong tinting strength, good dispersion, stable performance, good weather resistance.

Application fields

Widely used injection molding, blow molding, drawing, rolling, extrusion plastic, plastic toys, plastic electronics, automotive plastic parts, plates, household appliances, chemical fiber, cable, foam, household appliances, chemical fiber, automobiles, plastic bags, packaging materials, cables, building materials, daily necessities, sports and leisure supplies. As, ABS, PE, LDPE, HDPE & LLDPE, PP, PS, PET, PBT, PA, PC, EVA, PVC.

In our daily life, the use of plastic products, in the TV shell, toy racing plastic casing, cable casing in the raw material processing and production are selected in color Masterbatch, the emergence of color masterbatch increased pigment strength and color degree, in the production of products in the process stability and physical performance significantly improved.

The color Masterbatch has been favored by the manufacturer to increase the color of pigment evenly. Color Masterbatch in the technical indicators have four series, respectively, White, Color Masterbatch which contains a milky, special white, blue and white, increment white, milk white and so on; Red series, which contains red, scarlet, bright red three; Blue series, from shallow to deep contains sky blue, sapphire, blue, Violet Blue, Beijing blue, green color, Color Masterbatch the simplest contains guolu and dark, etc.

The color Masterbatch has the characteristics of strong hiding power, strong dispersion, heat resistance and bright color, and its granules are homogeneous, strong in strength, uniform in color, stable in performance and strong in heat resistance. In the production process simple and fast, Color Masterbatch saving production cycle and raw materials. Add color to our lives.