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Color Master - Add Color Masterbatch Production FAQ
- Nov 06, 2018 -

This is often caused by the injection molding machine. Different injection molding machines have different mechanical degrees due to different manufacturing, use time or maintenance conditions, especially the difference in the degree of adhesion between the heating element and the barrel, so that the dispersion of the color master in the barrel The status is different, and the above phenomenon will appear.

Second, after changing the resin of another brand, the same color masterbatch and formula, the color has changed, why?

Different grades of resin will have different density and melt index, so the properties of the resin will be different, and the compatibility with the masterbatch will be different, so that color change occurs. Generally speaking, as long as the density and melt index are not different. Large, then the difference in color will not be too large, you can correct the color by adjusting the amount of color masterbatch.

3. Does the phenomenon of pigment migration during the storage process affect the quality of the product?

Some color masterbats have a high pigment content (or dye), and in this case, migration is normal. Especially the color masterbatch with dye added, serious migration will occur. However, this does not affect the quality of the product, because after the color master is injected into the product, the pigment is in a normal color development concentration in the product.

Fourth, why are some of the injection products not good?

There are several possibilities:

4.1. The nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too low;

4.2. The mold finish of the injection molding machine is not good;

4.3. The molding cycle of the product is too long;

4.4. Excessive titanium dioxide contained in the masterbatch;

4.5. The dispersibility of the color masterbatch is not good.

5. After a period of time, some plastic products will fade?

The basic pigment used by the manufacturer is of poor quality and drifts.

6. Why is ABS color master particularly prone to color differences?

Different brands of ABS produced by different countries have large color difference. Even if the same brand of ABS, there may be chromatic aberration in each batch of batch numbers. Of course, color difference will also occur after coloring. This is due to the characteristics of ABS, and there is no thorough solution in the world. However, this color difference is generally not serious. Users must pay attention to this feature of ABS when using ABS color masterbatch.