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Black Masterbatch Temperature Is Good
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Black masterbatch high concentration, low proportion of added, strong hiding power, small color, low quality, good blackness, good dispersion, Black Masterbatch good temperature resistance, high pigment content, excellent melt kneading when used And stability, and the product has the highest mechanical strength retention rate, Black Masterbatch to meet the different customers on the color hue, weather resistance, light resistance needs.

The quality of the black masterbatch is determined by the following factors: dispersion, coverage, rheology, compatibility, stability, color brightness. Dispersion is high, Black Masterbatch the coverage is stronger, the mobility is better, the compatibility is bigger, the stability should be consistent, the brightness should be clear.

Black masterbatch with enhanced pigment dispersion, black masterbatch to increase the pigment color strength and gloss, black masterbatch and make products enhance, toughening, black masterbatch and can significantly improve the process of product stability and physical properties. Color Masterbatch uniform, black mother color bright, strong coloring, black mother dispersion is good, stable performance, good weather resistance.

Black masterbatch Scope: for blown film without pitting, injection without pattern, squeeze gloss bright.

Black masterbatch polyolefin: HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA, TPE, PVC and so on.

Non-polyolefin: PET, PBT, PC, PA, ABS, AS, PS, POM, etc and so on.

Black masterbatch storage: stored in a cool dry place, avoid sun exposure, rain.

Black Masterbatch Mainly used in extrusion pipe (rod) products, such as underground drainage pipes, construction rods, gas transmission pipe. This type of product has strong color strength, non-toxic, excellent dispersion, good heat resistance, and base material

Good compatibility. Black Masterbatch Good weather resistance and so on. Also applies to ABS \ PE \ PP and other plastic injection molding, extrusion pipe, sheet, blow molding, blown film (agricultural film, cast film), coating, etc., can also be used for PA \ PET