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Black Masterbatch Production Process
- Jul 29, 2017 -

(1) ink method: As the name implies, in the masterbatch production in the use of ink color paste production method, that is, through the three-roll grinding, in the pigment surface coated with a layer of low molecular protective layer. The finely ground paste is then mixed with the carrier resin and then plasticized by means of a two-roll mill (also known as a two-roll mill) and finally granulated by a single screw or twin screw extruder.

(2) flushing method: the pigment, water and dispersant through the sanding, so that the pigment particles less than 1μm, and through the phase transfer method, the pigment into the oil phase, and then dry to produce masterbatch. The organic solvent is required for phase conversion, and the corresponding solvent recovery device.

(3) kneading method: the pigment and oily carrier is blended, the use of pigment lipophilic this feature, through the kneading of the pigment from the water into the oil phase. At the same time by the oily carrier will paint the surface coating, the pigment dispersion and stability, to prevent the pigment cohesion.