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Black Masterbatch High Heat Resistance
- May 18, 2017 -

Black masterbatch heat resistance PVC, PE pigment temperature 160-180 degrees Celsius ABS, PS pigment temperature 250-280 degrees Celsius PP, PA, PET pigment temperature 280 degrees above the general requirements of the pigment heat-resistant time of 4- 10 minutes, usually, the higher the temperature, the shorter the heat resistance time. Phthalocyanine blue pigment temperature 325 degrees Celsius, 10 minutes discoloration.

As a plastic plastic products business buyers, most of the resources we need to purchase mainly plastic plastic raw materials, equipment, etc., Black Masterbatch including this article Xiao Bian mainly talked about the black masterbatch, then how do we get our business to the best Of the masterbatch source, how to maximize the cost of enterprises to reduce the cost of masterbatch, how to create the greatest value for the enterprise? Then I will give this Cheats to everyone.

First of all, the first buyers in the need to purchase masterbatch before the first of their own products to understand some of the products to understand the basic elements of the product are: product performance, product appearance, product use, product duration, product revenue, risk control. After we summed up a thorough understanding of the product, then the next is how to find masterbatch manufacturers, Black Masterbatch and find the manufacturer is very simple, and now the Internet is so developed, casually Baidu look, for example (Jin Zhen Color Master) everywhere, casually find One will ask. But we should pay special attention to some small details, many buyers are like a phone call to ask how much money this black masterbatch, I probably how many tons of such questions, I believe that many manufacturers first reaction Are the first to give you a high-end product prices, and then you should hang up the phone was gone. If you are half a day you are so asked, in most cases you can not get the lowest offer.

Why the manufacturer is always reported such a high price, how can we get the lowest offer manufacturers, the problem is actually very simple, Black Masterbatch because the manufacturers do not understand what kind of quality you need, The lowest price, first of all we are looking for low-cost masterbatch at the same time, should have taken into account the product quality requirements of the bottom line, can not mean looking for low prices and ignore the product quality requirements. In order to get the lowest quality masterbatch, we first have to pass the relevant information to the masterbatch producers, so that they can help you pick the best and most suitable black masterbatch products, so that it can be the best quality best for their own Black masterbatch and the most affordable offer, Black Masterbatch we should communicate with the manufacturer of the following nine:

1. product use

2. Whether the product has environmental requirements

3. Whether the product needs (anti-static) (anti-aging) function.

4. Product appearance requirements

5. Product level: for example (food grade)

6. Product color

7. Our products raw material quality (renewable materials) (new material)

9. Product carrier (resin type)