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Black Masterbatch Carbon Black Content High
- Oct 18, 2017 -

Black Masterbatch is widely used in plastic processing industry, such as injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, drawing, pipe, granulation molding and so on. In real life, Black Masterbatch it is widely used in injection molding of automotive plastic parts, Plastic pipe extrusion molding, agricultural film and geotextile materials production.

The role of Black masterbatch in agricultural film has the following points:

1, rapid and efficient for agricultural film coloring.

2, enhance the anti-aging performance of agricultural plastic film.

3, improve the surface smoothness of agricultural film, prevent skin, rupture.

The common denominator of black Masterbatch: environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, smokeless products produced by the smooth surface gloss. Solid color is stable, will not be like other brand color masterbatch, color spots, color lines, such as the spread of undesirable phenomenon, both can control the cost reduction, Black Masterbatch but also reduce the plastic because of repeated heating and degradation, reduce the essential properties of plastics, save the addition of other additives, reduce plant environmental pollution and can achieve European environmental standards.

The advantages of black Masterbatch: High carbon black content, good blackness, good dispersion, good temperature resistance, no impact on the material properties. My company in the production of Black Masterbatch has a wealth of experience, using the industry's leading production equipment and testing equipment; Black Masterbatch Our selection of raw materials is high-quality, highly dispersed carbon black and high quality additives and carriers. Black Masterbatch For different polymeric materials have special carrier black Masterbatch for selection, we can meet the customer's color hue, weatherability, light resistance and food grade and other special requirements.