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Black Masterbatch Applied To Plastics Processing Industry
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Black Masterbatch is produced by carbon black, carrier and auxiliary injection molding processes such as Masterbatch, is one of many kinds of color masterbatch, its quality depends on the dispersion, coverage, rheology, compatibility, stability, color intensity and other factors.

Product Features

1, Black masterbatch heat-resistant PVC, PE pigment temperature 160-180 degrees Celsius; ABS, PS pigment temperature 250-280 degrees Celsius pp, PA, Black Masterbatch pet pigment temperature of 280 degrees above general requirements pigment heat-resistant time of 4-10 minutes, usually, the higher the use of temperature, heat-resistant time shorter. 325 degrees Celsius, 10 min.

The clock changes color.

2, Black Masterbatch appearance: 2.2 * 2.8 cylindrical black body.

3, Black Masterbatch usage: Mix with raw materials can be produced evenly.

4, Black Masterbatch dosage: Black Masterbatch Recommended dosage $number (depending on the product requirements)

5, technical parameters: accumulation of the proportion of "C 950kg/m3

6, Melting: 130-350 ℃

7, soluble means: 30g/10min

8, Moisture: 0.001%

9, Packaging:/bag, poly-ethyl black self-styled pocket or paper plastic composite bag

10, Black masterbatch storage: stored in a cool dry place. Avoid the sun, rain shower

Black Masterbatch Adaptation Range

Suitable for most of the hot resin injection molding, pumping tablets, platen, blown film, wire, Black Masterbatch pipe and other processes.

Black Masterbatch Product Advantage

1, high black, bright, easy to disperse, Black Masterbatch can achieve high specular effect

2. Environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, smokeless

3, the product surface glossy luster and solid color stability

4, good toughness, there will be no color spots and color patterns and so on

5, not only reduce costs, save additives, Black Masterbatch but also reduce plant site pollution.

Black Masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch, but its status is different from other masterbatch. Black Masterbatch is the most commonly used in plastic processing of a masterbatch, Black Masterbatch but also the largest amount of a color masterbatch. Black Masterbatch is made up of high proportions of pigments or additives with thermoplastic resins, a good dispersion of plastic coloring agent, the choice of resin for the colorant has good wetting and dispersing, and with the coloring material has good compatibility, namely: Pigment + carrier + additive = Masterbatch. Yizu source plastic industry, research and development of production of black Masterbatch products, Black Masterbatch in the industry has a unique advantage

Production process of black Masterbatch

(1) Ink method: As the name suggests, is in the production of masterbatch using ink paste production method, that is, through three rollers grinding, coating the surface of a layer of low molecular protective layer. After grinding the fine color paste and the carrier resin mixed, Black Masterbatch and then through the two-roll molding machine (also known as double-roller open refining machine) for plasticizing, and finally through a single screw or twin-screw extruder granulation.

(2) Flushing method: Pigments, Black Masterbatch water and dispersants through sand grinding, so that pigment particles less than 1μm, and through phase transfer method, so that pigments into the oil phase, and then drying to make color masterbatch. The phase conversion requires the use of organic solvents, as well as the corresponding solvent recovery device.

(3) Kneading method: It is mixed with pigment and oily carrier, using the characteristic of pigment lipophilic oil, through kneading, the pigment is washed into oil phase by water phase. At the same time, the pigment surface is coated by oily carrier, so that the pigment is dispersed and stabilized to prevent pigment condensation.

Application Range

Black Masterbatch is widely used in plastic processing industry, such as injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding. In real life, Black Masterbatch it is widely used in injection molding of automotive plastic parts, Plastic pipe extrusion molding, agricultural film and geotextile materials production.