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Black Master Classification
- Feb 23, 2017 -

1. the geotextile material black masterbatch: is designed for geotechnical engineering plastics for a black masterbatch, is made of high density polyethylene for carriers using small size enhances the tinting strength of carbon black, color masterbatch looks dark and bright
2. cable black masterbatch: is the use of high density, high brightness, high dispersion AIDS and processed, carbon black content to 55%, is a very high quality product
3. mulch black masterbatch: is adding carbon black imports and high quality additives and processed, agricultural film blowing effect is very good, to achieve customer satisfaction while also reducing costs.
4. pipe black masterbatch: processed from imported carbon black, good dispersion, stain, achieved a certain degree of blackness and customers alike!
5. high-grade injection molded black masterbatch: for a high-end dedicated injection molded black masterbatch, black is good, good brightness, better coverage, stain
6. blowing black masterbatch: for a special black masterbatch for blown film, Gao Heidu, good dispersion of carbon black content to 50%.