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Application Of Black Masterbatch In Plastic Products
- Sep 01, 2017 -

Black masterbatch is widely used in the plastics processing industry, such as injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding, drawing, pipe, granulation and so on. In real life, it is widely used in the injection molding of automotive plastic parts, plastic pipe extrusion, Black Masterbatch agricultural film and geotextile material production.

Black masterbatch main role is for plastic products color, the plastic products dyed black. In the plastic products in the black masterbatch its two roles, Black Masterbatch so that the pigment color is more uniform and maintain the chemical stability of the pigment.

First, the black masterbatch makes the distribution of pigment in the product even more uniform. The production of the product by adding a special color masterbatch, the pigment can be refined treatment, thereby improving the distribution of pigment in the uniformity of products. Black Masterbatch A good match between the special color masterbatch and the article, after heating and melting, the color of the particles can be evenly dispersed into the various parts of the product.

Second, the black masterbatch can effectively maintain the chemical stability of the pigment. Pigments in the storage and direct use of the process, will inevitably come into contact with the air, in this case, the pigment appears water, oxidation and other phenomena will inevitably occur. But if it is made of color masterbatch, Black Masterbatch there is a resin component seat of its carrier, in the use of storage will be a good pigment and the air will be isolated, thus ensuring the quality of the pigment in the long-term storage of the same.

Black masterbatch in plastic applications will have those effects?

Black masterbatch and plastic products have good compatibility, so black masterbatch can be long-term retention in the products, to play its due effect. However, if the black masterbatch beyond its compatibility range, it will have a negative impact on plastic products. For example, the use of fillers in large quantities will result in the increase of the viscosity of the system, Black Masterbatch the difficulty of molding and the decrease of the mechanical properties. The mechanical properties of the materials will be significantly decreased when the amount of the flame retardants will be increased; the addition of the liquid additives will cause the heat- Most of the additives will make transparent plastic transparency significantly reduced or completely lost transparency and so on.

Black masterbatch in the use of plastic products, but also should pay attention to some additives with double or multiple effects, such as carbon black is not only a coloring agent, Black Masterbatch but also both light shielding and anti-oxidation; plasticizer not only make products soft, But also reduce the temperature, improve the melt flow, and some also have a combustion effect; some metal soap stabilizer itself is a lubricant and so on. For these auxiliaries, in the formula should be considered, Black Masterbatch the amount of deployment or simplify the formula.