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Advantages Of Color Masterbatch
- Aug 10, 2017 -

Today's plastic products are color masterbatch coloring, used in the past is a dye, then compared to the dye is what good? Shandong June Full-color Masterbatch Co., Ltd. said.

1. Color Masterbatch is very convenient to use, Color Masterbatch not too complex process, and easy to save.

2. Its own good stability, can achieve uniform coloring, but also to improve the quality of plastic products.

3. Color Masterbatch safety and health, the human body and the environment have no impact, but also can be made into functional masterbatch use.

This is the special color Masterbatch, but also its advantages, it will replace the dye.

We commonly used color masterbatch, there are a variety of colors, in the use of some people are based on their preferences to choose the color, some people will be from different aspects to consider, Color Masterbatch someone from their shade bias to consider. Color Masterbatch The following is to say different color masterbatch shade bias.

Color Masterbatch in the light of the main performance is as follows: Each color masterbatch can be two of the direction of development. The hue of the Red series can be shown as yellow or partial blue (purple), Color Masterbatch such as red and purple. The hue of the yellow series can be shown as green or reddish color, such as turquoise blue and orange. The hue of the Blue series can be displayed as green (yellow) or partial violet (red) color, such as cyan and red phase blue. Color Masterbatch The hue of the green series can be shown as yellowish or bluish color, such as yellow-green and blue-green. The hue of the purple series can be shown as bluish or reddish, such as violet-blue and mauve. The hue of gold, orange and brown can be yellow or red. White, Gray, and black are colors that can be changed to any color.

Understand the color of the mother of the polarizing, Color Masterbatch in the use of a lot of convenience, you can according to their desired color effect to choose, not only their own targeted purchase, but also we can have a specific detailed explanation.