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Filler masterbatch products
- Feb 23, 2017 -

Filler masterbatch products features: to use calcium carbonate as the filler filler, apply to polyethylene, polypropylene production of various products.
1. good dispersion, polyethylene, polypropylene, high compatibility, even higher percentage filling don't fall off; appearance can still receive good quality finish.
2. low heat, burning without a drop of oil and does not smoke, does not produce secondary pollution, and do not damage the incinerator;
3. improve the quality of foam products;
4. printing to gloss over good;
5. empowerment of permeability of film products.
6. white opaque white pigment used can be reduced;
7. operating environment improved and easy automatic metering;
8. save space on the accumulation of raw materials;
9. reduce costs.
10. high brightness: this product is a pure white, granular, flexible color preparation produces a variety of products.
11. contain antioxidants and anti-aging agent, can prolong the service life of the product.