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Advantages compared to toner and color masterbatch
- Feb 23, 2017 -

Compared with the toner coloring and color masterbatch colouring has clear merits:
1) improves the environmental pollution due to toner dust, using process color change easily, without special cleaning the extruder Hopper, more conveniently.
2) targeted strong, color scheme right, due to color mother manufacturing factory in manufacturing process in the has for applies resin of performance, reasonable to select has pigment (dye), and additives, and processing equipment, and processing process, on production process in the different batch of color powder may brings of chromatic aberration, timely for amendment, and complementary, factory Shi again for test, so, can guarantee same grades of color mother, before and after two batch color keep relative of stable.
3) and bulk resins dry colouring after granulation to plastic compared to using color can be reduced after secondary processing, the plastics resin caused by aging, conducive to improving the service life of plastic products.