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Food Grade Plastic Black Masterbatch

Food Grade Plastic Black Masterbatch

Product Description Abs colorants Health /food -grade black masterbatch H2 is produced by our factory,Health/food grade black masterbatch use imported high quality carbon black,new polyethylene resin and imported dispersing aid to process . ,all raw materials have certificate report of SGS...

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Product Details

Product Description

Abs colorants Health /food -grade black masterbatch  H2 is produced by our factory,Health/food grade black masterbatch use imported high quality carbon black,new polyethylene resin and   imported  dispersing aid to process.,all raw materials have certificate  report of SGS ROHS,FDA in health and food field .


Product parameters


Carbon Black Content30%-50%
Melting Point(℃)120-150
Moisture Content(less than %)0.15
Grain Diameter(mm)1.8-3.8
Package25kgs Paper Bag
Technical SpecificationSGS Certificate
Light FastnessGrade 4-8
Heat Resistance≥4
Migration Resistance≥4
FillerCaCO3 or None
Add RatioRecommend to add 2%-10%


The addition ratio:

 Our customer can change the content of black masterbatch,We recommend you add 2%-5%,The special products can add 10%

Application areas:

Milk film,lunch boxes,drinking water tube,sanitary napkin,baby diapers,cast film,food packaging film,etc.

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